Hockey Goals: Burrows, Marchand, Hansen

Hockey Goals:
Burrows, Marchand, Hansen

What a topsy-turvey series so far – I love it! The Vancouver Canucks looked like the better team by far in games one and two, but the Boston Bruins have since roared back, outscoring their Stanley Cup opponents 12-1 in the last two games. While no one knows f’sure which teams will show up for game 5, one thing’s for certain, it’ll be entertaining.

Here are three of the best highlight goals from the first four games so far:

Alex Burrows:
I really don’t know what Boston Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas was thinking coming so far out of the net on this play, but Alex Burrows took advantage of Thomas’s misjudgment . . .  and then some, easily scoring the game winner for his Vancouver Canucks :11 into overtime:

Brad Marchand:
How ridiculous was this shortie-goal by Brad Marchand? Guy pulled a deck hockey move by banging the puck off the boards and skating around the defenseman, and then flipped the biscuit over a lackadaisically sprawling Roberto Luongo:

Jannik Hansen:
This goal had absolutely no impact on the game, since it was already 5-0 in favor of Boston, but the perimeter passing by the Vancouver Canucks’ players is worth watching. Tick, tack, tooooooe – Jannik Hansen buries one past a couldn’t-care-less Tim Thomas, ruining the Bruins’ goaltender’s bid for a shutout:

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