Hockey Goals: Frolik, Christensen, Pavelski

Hockey Goals:
Frolik, Christensen, Pavelski

Is it me, or are the games getting better as the series go deeper? I can’t remember seeing such a high level of play – and with such intensity – in only the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs in I don’t know how many seasons. This crop of Stanley Cup contenders is a good one and if these weekly highlights are a sign of things to come, I think we’re in for a treat over the next month and a half.

Here are, in my opinion, the three best goals from this past week in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Enjoy:

Chicago Blackhawks forward Michael Frolik shows he’s got skills from his hands down to his toes with this, his first career playoff goal:

Erik Christensen of the New York Rangers can teach you how to snipe, as evidenced with this highlight here, also his first career playoff goal:

Joe Pavelski seals the deal for the San Jose Sharks in one of the most unlikeliest of comebacks ever:


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