Hockey Quote: Mike Danton

Hockey Quote:
Mike Danton

This week’s hockey quotes of the week come from a fascinating story I read in this past issue of Sports Illustrated. It had to do with the whole Mike Danton story – what he went through, where he’s at now, and what he’s looking to in the future.

If you don’t know the story, here’s the whole scenario in a single sentence – Danton was a power forward who last played for the St. Louis Blues 7 years ago when, after a playoff game against the San Jose Sharks, he was arrested, convicted and sent to jail for having attempted to arrange (during the season) the murder of his former junior-level hockey coach who, Danton believed, was trying to kill him. Trust me, there are a TON of other details to the story, and you can read it all in the article itself, which includes far greater detail than what even I thought I knew.

In the Sports Illustrated article, there were some pretty interesting quotes from Danton on the whole situation, which really sum up just how much he’s been through and how much work he still has to do.

On going back to school (and succeeding in the classroom):
"If I'd done this 10 years ago, I would have been partying and sliding by with teachers who were hockey fans—youth wasted on the young, you know," he said. "Now I've established a routine, and I've discovered that I really like the process of learning and thinking critically."
On his time in prison:
"I know this is going to sound nuts, but I'm glad I went to prison," Danton says. "I don't like the length of time I went there for. But I'm fortunate for the opportunity, because the negative-slash-downward spiral that would have happened would have been 10 times worse. It saved me in a way."
On what led to the whole "situation":
"I was a dumbass." He believes that his unhappy childhood was a factor. "Do I wish I had more guidance, that things might have gone differently if the first 10 years of my life were different? Yeah."
On his future:
"As humble as I can make this sound, I've played at the highest level; I made a pretty big mistake that cost me; I have a lot of knowledge of being an underdog and rising to the occasion," he said. "With some more knowledge and training, I think I can help other athletes."
On his ultimate goal:
"You know what I really want? To have a family, have kids, be a great dad," he says. "Just the usual, normal stuff, you know?"
Stick tap to SI author L. Jon Wertheim on this truly great read.

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