Hockey Quote: Danny Briere

Hockey Quote:
Danny Briere

Philadelphia Flyers
’ forward Danny Briere, apparently, thinks he’s special.

After trying to perform an on-ice lobotomy on New York Islanders’ forward Frans Nielsen . . .

. . . Briere was surprised to find out that he was suspended by the league for three games. He will miss games against the Carolina Hurricanes, New York Rangers and, luckily for his sake, the New York Islanders. It’s this week’s hockey quote of the week:
"I'm shocked," he said. "Surprised is not strong enough. After all the suspensions that have been handed out the last couple of years and this year, I didn't think I was going to get a game. Then I thought, 'OK yes, I am a repeat offender, they'll probably give me a game because of it.' I'm shocked that it was more than a game."
In regards to being a repeat offender, Briere is talking about late last season when, again, late in the game (seems to be the time when little Briere is feeling more ballsy) he put in a late, off-his-feet, elbow-first, hit on Colorado Avalanche d-man Scott Hannan. This got him two games:

Briere further expounded upon his thinking for why he went after Nielsen, specifically referencing a fight earlier in the game between Islanders’ Trevor Gillies and Flyers defenseman Braydon Coburn, which Briere tried to intervene in, and ended up on the losing end of the fight:
"I made a mistake, my stick was up. I'm the first one to admit that it shouldn't have been there," Briere said. "After what happened with Trevor Gillies on Coburn, I said, 'I got to protect myself,' and if you see the faceoff before, he gets me in a headlock and punches me behind the head."
If you watch the video again, you’ll see that there was no headlock or punch. Nielsen said something to Briere before the faceoff and Briere reacted like a punk. He deserves the suspension.

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