Hockey Quote: Jason Spezza

Hockey Quote:
Jason Spezza

Center Jason Spezza has finally come clean and ended the: you’re wrong—no, you’re wrong: awkward silence between him and his team, the Ottawa Senators. This all stems from his so-called trade demands that came out after the end of the season. Citing the frustration of another lost season, coupled with the way the Sens fans treated him (they called him names and might have insulted his mother once or twice), he admitted that he may have acted a bit irrationally.

Well, today came time to clear the air. Here’s what he had to say about what actually went down:
"It seems like every year it's been, should I get traded, should I not get traded," said Spezza. "It gets to the point where you get sick of it a little bit. But my priorities are here in Ottawa, I want to win in Ottawa. I have great friends here, we have great roots here, my family enjoys it, I'm close to home, I'm excited we're moving forward with some of the moves we've made. I wanted to talk to Bryan about how I was feeling at the time, so that going into having a no-trade, there was no misunderstandings."
So are we all good? For the rest of the summer, I think we are. But when the season starts and the Senators begin their inevitable fall down the standings, let’s check back with Mr. Point-per-Game to see where his loyalties lie come April and the trade deadline.

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