Hockey News: Ovechkin Suspended (AGAIN)!!!

Breaking from our normal schedule to announce that Washington Capitals star Alexander Ovechkin has been suspended for two games because of his absurd hit yesterday on Chicago Blackhawk’s d-man Brian Campbell.

I think he deserves it, although this raises questions about the NHL's thinking when they're willing to suspend the league's MVP but won't suspend a guy like Matt Cooke who shouldn't even be on the ice. But that was last week and this is now and anyone who has ever played hockey before (with contact) knows that when you hit someone at the goal line, you are trying to drive them in to the boards. Granted, Campbell was at an awkward position when turning which made the hit that much more dramatic, but Ovechkin knew what he was doing from the hash marks in. 

He’s had a history of lining people up like this and sometimes they’re solid, clean hits (take the Jagr shot during the Olympics). . .

and other times they’re not.

This time, it wasn’t and for that he deserves to be disciplined.

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