Hockey News: Funny Chris Chelios Lines

Each week I like to post an article to the site that is entertaining, relevant and, of course, has to do with hockey.

During my latest round of research, I came across this little gem from the Edmonton Journal. The article briefly talks about the Atlanta Thrasher's recent signing of 48-year-old Chris Chelios who has apparently found the fountain of youth and isn't telling anyone else where it's located.

What it really gets in to though, which I didn't know about and wanted to make sure to share here, is an online joke that has recently taken off about the tireless Chelios himself. The set up for the joke is "Chris Chelios is so old . . . " (and you take it from there).

Author David Staples did a great job of collecting some of the more popular one-liners which are really actually kind of clever and funny. Here are a few of my faves:

*Chris Chelios is so old .....the Zamboni at his childhood rink was steam powered.

*Chris Chelios is so old ...... I can remember as a little kid calling him "Chris Cheerios". I'm 27. Now I feel old

*Chris Chelios is so old ....... a "Chris Chelios Hat Trick" involves eating solid food, making it to the bathroom in time, and remembering your name.

Apparently these jokes are scattered all across the Web, so make sure to check out the Journal's list for the best collection of these one liners.

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