Hockey News: 3D Hockey

Some local Hockey Chump news that may come to have an impact on the league a little further down the road:

The New York Time
s had an article today about Cablevision announcing today that next Wednesday’s Rangers v. Islanders game will be broadcast in 3-D.

Now, before you get ready to put out an extra plate setting for Sean Avery, John Tavares and company, you should know that it’s only being broadcast in 3-D at the Theater at Madison Square Garden.

As per the article, this is the first NHL game broadcast in 3-D and it’s probably an experiment to see how well the game translates to the more engaging third dimension, especially with the looming launch of in-house 3-D televisions.

Will this attract the more casual hockey fan who otherwise finds themselves disengaged from the game because of their difficulty following the puck and play? Probably not.

Is it pretty cool, though? Damn straight.

Kudos to the NHL and Cablevision for trying to generate some positive new about the sport rather than continuing to allow items about head shots and violence in the sport continue to dominate the headlines.

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