Hockey Quote: Patrick Roy and Jeremy Roenick

In the game of hockey, it’s all about talking out on the rink. The more a team talks, the more they win.

But sometimes hockey players, they can be a bit silly with some of the things they say. So each week, we devote a post to some of the more amusing lines to come from the game.


In the 1996 Western Conference semi-finals between the Colorado Avalanche and the Chicago Blackhawks, Jeremy Roenick was stopped by Patrick Roy on a break-away during OT in game 4, while apparently being tackled by an Avalanche player. The referees did not call for a penalty shot on the play and the Avalanche won in triple overtime on Joe Sakic's game winning goal.

Earlier in game 3, Roenick scored on an unchallenged breakaway to tie the score at 3 and send the game to overtime; the Blackhawks ended up winning the game.

After game 4, Roenick told the media,

"It should have been a penalty shot, there's no doubt about it. I like Patrick's quote that he would've stopped me. I'd just want to know where he was in Game 3, probably getting his jock out of the rafters in the United Center maybe."

Roy retorted with his now-famous line:

“I can’t really hear what Jeremy says because I’ve got my two Stanley Cup rings plugging my ears.”

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